Born in Coney Island in 1944 and a Drexel University graduate, Steve’s vast experience spans from the construction of nuclear sites and the Alaskan pipeline, to concrete surface protection and chemical manufacturing plants.

In 1972, his bold vision led him to establish Engineered Design Products, channeling his profound expertise into tailored chemical solutions for the manufacturing, construction, and environmental sectors.

Steve's groundbreaking innovation led to the creation of Safe Thaw in 1982, a unique ice melt that addressed issues posed by existing products, earning its patent in 1986.Venturing further into safety solutions, he introduced Safe Paw in 1992, a formulation safe for pets, people, and properties, which secured its patent in 2010.

While exploring new possibilities, 2018 marked the debut of Traction Magic followed by Walk On Ice, unparalleled traction agents for icy situations, underscoring Steve’s enduring dedication to ensuring safety.

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Nature-friendly innovations are Steve’s passion and his products are deeply rooted in this philosophy. “Safe for people, pets, property, and the planet” isn’t just a tagline; it’s the very essence of Steve’s vision.

Driven by a profound respect for our environment, for the last 50 years Steve is leading the charge towards a future where sustainability isn’t an option but a standard.

Steven J Greenwald

Safe Paw

Chemical-free and toxin-free, Safe Paw is the pet-friendly ice melter that cares – for your concrete, pets, and planet.

Safe Thaw

Made with a patented dual-effect formula, Safe Thaw is a non-corrosive and non-conductive ice melt that keeps your equipment, machinery, and industrial property safe.

Traction Magic

Designed for commercial properties, Traction Magic's chemical-free formula absorbs water and grips ice, ensuring a stable, slip-free surface during icy conditions.

Walk On Ice

Walk On Ice is an eco-friendly, natural traction agent that instantly provides a non-slip surface on icy terrains, ensuring safety for both pedestrians and vehicles.

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Professional Snapshot: Steve's Milestone Timeline

1972: Founded Engineered Design Products

Founded Engineered Design Products, pioneering specialized chemical solutions for manufacturing, construction, and environmental sectors.

1982: Invented Safe Thaw

Invented Safe Thaw, a unique ice melt revolutionizing winter safety. This innovation earned its patent in 1986.

1992: Safe Paw

Introduced a reformed version of Safe Thaw — Safe Paw, ensuring safety for pets, people, property, and the environment. This ingenuity received a patent in 2010.

2018: Launched Traction Magic

Launched Traction Magic, an innovative traction agent for icy surfaces. Further enhanced user experience by introducing a portable dispensing system.

2020: Present - President of Gaia Enterprises, Inc.

Present: Proudly serving as President of Gaia Enterprises, Inc. for over 3 years. Under Gaia USA, all celebrated sub-brands including Safe Paw, Safe Thaw, Traction Magic, and Walk on Ice thrive.


1968: Graduated from Drexel University

Graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Drexel's unique co-op program placed Steve directly in industry settings, giving him hands-on experience.

Throughout his illustrious career, Steve has been at the vanguard of chemical development, environmental protection, and introducing game-changing products to global markets.



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Concrete Surface Protection


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    Steve's Journey: Pioneer Inventor Of Ice Melt And Deicer Solutions For Safe Winters.